Master a Programming Language

Either you are a student or a professional …..the common question which generally strikes your mind is “How can I master programming within a very short span ?”. Many new people in this field generally do some common mistakes. They either try it too hard and fast or just keep rendering around the basics for a long time. Some of them just don’t focus much on the basics and run towards the advance concepts. But this is not going to help you in any possible way. You need to follow a proper path which I have explained further in this article.

Now the question comes that why do you want to learn?

Programming can be practised as a hobby or as a profession.

Whatever may be your motto behind getting your hands over programming, if you follow some steps, then I am sure you will master it very soon.

Let’s have a look at the steps to follow when you start coding.

1] Select a programming language of your choice.

2] Start right from the basics of a particular programming language.

3] Keep in mind, computer programming is a limitless field.

4]Practice on online platforms and actively participate in coding contests.

5] Start working on small projects.

6]Once you are confident about your programming skills, then start teaching the same.

Let’s check all these steps in detail.


Selecting a programming language according to your needs is the very first step. There are hundreds of programming languages like Python, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Ruby, many more. Among such hundreds of programming languages, you should see which one matches your requirements. If you are a beginner, then I suggest you start with C or C++.


Even our education system teaches us right from the basics to advance, from alphabets to essays, from counting numbers to integrations. Similarly, we should start with the basic syntax of a programming language. In this stage, refer to the websites which provide knowledge related to programming. You may use books from various authors.


Computer programming has no limits. You can use computer programs, anywhere and in any way you wish to use. All you need to have is complete detailed knowledge nothing can stop you. Keep grinding, exploring. You will find something new when you push yourself hard into it.


Well begun is half done.

But, practice makes a man perfect.

The practice is what we need to do. Till now, we have seen how to start with the basics.

Now its time to practice and polish our skills.

We have several platforms that host coding competitions, after getting the basics, now its time to enrol for such contests and keep practising.

Let’s have a look at some platforms where you can practice and polish your skills


Now when you are done with practice, its time to get your hands over some project development. Developing our own project is the best thing you can do after you master programming.

So what exactly developing a project means?

When you practise programming daily you develop a habit of building your own logic.

The best thing to do now is to think of a problem statement.

A problem statement is nothing but an issue which needs to be solved technically.

As it always said that whatever you do ….you should do it step by step.

Steps to solve a problem statement or to develop a project:

I) Identify a problem :

II) Understand the problem :

III) List all the possible solutions :

IV) Evaluate all the possible solutions :

V) Select the best possible solution:

VI) Design the selected solution :

VII) Prepare an algorithm :

VIII) Prepare a pseudo-code :

IX) Write the main program :

X) Check the program for various test cases :

XI) Check and remove all possible errors :

XII) And finally, a complete solution to our problem statement is ready :


Now, when you know, you have got brilliant coding skills, its time to share your knowledge.

Get your YouTube platform, Instagram account, Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile in action now.

Create content, write blogs, and share your knowledge. Because when you are about to teach something, you prepare very well, you try to dig deep into the concepts as you want to be well prepared for the doubts by your students.

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