Basics Of HTTP & HTTPS

  • Protocol: Mostly used protocols are HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Domain: Name which is used to identify one or more IP addresses where the resource is located.
  • Path: It specifies the location of the resource on the server.
  • Parameters: Its is the additional data used to identify or filter the resource on the server.
  • GET — Requests data from a specified resource where it is not modified. It generally does not modify the state of the resource.
  • POST — It is used to generate a resource i.e. to send data to the server.
  • PUT — It is used to update the existing resource on the server.
  • HEAD — It is similar to GET but you don get the body in the output of HEAD. It is used to check whether the resource is present at the server before the GET request.
  • OPTIONS — It is used to describe the communication options available for the target source.
  • PATCH — It applies partial modifications to the resource.
  • DELETE — It deletes the specified resource.
  • TRACE -It is designed for diagnostic purpose.
  1. Customer information like credit card numbers and other sensitive information is encrypted and cannot be intercepted.
  2. Visitors can verify you are a registered business and that you own a domain.
  3. Customers know they are not supposed to visit sites without HTTPS, and therefore, they are more likely to trust and complete purchase form sites that use HTTPS.




IT Geek | Cyber Security | Coding

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Suraj Dhamak

Suraj Dhamak

IT Geek | Cyber Security | Coding

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