Broken access control is listed first in the OWASP Top 10–2021. According to 2017 list this vulnerability was at fifth position. As per the stats, 94% applications were tested for some form of broken access control. Access control is nothing but to apply certain constraints on ‘ who can perform…

Recently OWASP released a peer review draft of top 10 vulnerabilities, introducing three new members in the list.

Lets take a brief overview:

OWASP Top 10 2021 list:
A01 : 2021- Broken Access Control
A02 : 2021- Cryptographic Failures
A03 : 2021- Injection
A04 : 2021- Insecure Design [NEW]
A05 : 2021- Security Misconfiguration

What is DNS?

Over a network, the computers always identify each other with the help of unique numbers called IP addresses. They don't understand human languages. We as users always use human languages in order to search for something over the web. To access Facebook we search (, but computers…

OSI Model

What is the OSI model and how it works?

OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection Model. This model is generally used to explain, the flow of data over a network or how exactly communication takes place over a network. …

In today’s era, information is directly equivalent to power. One who has data and knows how to utilize it in every possible way is considered to be superior to others. With this increased value for information or data there comes increased demand for data sets with information related to many…

LiFi Technology!

Light Fidelity, abbreviated as LiFi is the future of information super-highway, commonly known as the internet. Wi-Fi came out for people in 1997, since then till now we are very familiar with Wi-Fi. Charles Darwin quotes “Evolution is the key to success”. And when we are a part…

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